IGS Workshop 2017 is hosted by IGN, CNES and Campus Spatial of the University of Paris-Diderot in Paris, Between 3-7 July 2017.
We are looking forward to seeing you there.

Workshop 2017 Registration

The registration is closed because we are now exceeding the maximum capacity of the Workshop venue.
However, a limited number of registrations are still available in an annex meeting room where a live streaming of the presentations will be operated.
Please use the contact form for further details and assistance.

Information to presenters

Maximum poster dimensions are:
Width: 100 cm - Height: 150 cm

The lecture room offers 16:9 projection. However, presentations can also be prepared in the classical 4:3 format.

Travelling to Paris

There are many ways to travel to our capital. You will find here some useful links for your arrival and not to lost yourself in The City of Lights.

Accommodation in Paris

Paris is a big city and so it is difficult for us to recommend any particular hotel. Participants are encouraged to book their hotels by their own means as early as possible.